Video: Bluetopia!


Un fantàstic video gravat a les Blue Mountains de Oz on veurem escalada, base jumping, barranquisme, highline etc… Un espectacle visual que reflexa una comunitat de gent apassionada per la muntanya i la naturalesa, on es veuen les passions i els valors que han escollit com a forma de vida. Bluetopia, una història d’aventura i amor. Disfruteu del cap de setmana!

Un video fantastico grabado en las Blue Mountains de Oz donde veremos escalada, base jumping, barranquismo, highlines… Un espectaculo visual que refleja una comunidad de gente apasionada por la montaña y la naturaleza, donde se perciben las pasiones y los valores que han escogido como forma de vida. Bluetopia, una historia de aventura y amor. Buen fin de semana! 

For we Humans the challenge of the future is to learn how to co-operate afresh. Here in the Blue Mountains of Oz we decided to put this to the test by making a film on our own, amongst our close friends, without any commercial involvement. The result is ‘Bluetopia’. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it. We climb, trail run, high line, canyon and BASE jump on a frequent basis but this time we took care to film it too in the places we love and call home. We feel an authentic story shared in the spirit of genuine community has the power to persuade people to reconsider their lives and make choices aligned with their deeper values and true passions. What do you love to do? It’s bound to be your real gift to the world. Please share our film if you like it. Let us know what you think.

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Narrated by Simon Blair
Principal Cinematography: Pete Wyllie
Drone Photography: Pete Wyllie and Simon Blair 
Additional Photography: Lee Jackson, Simon Blair, Mic Rofe, Giovanni Trambaiolo, Felix Evans. 
Timelapse photography: Kamil Sustiak ( and Pete Wyllie

Music: Alice Spacedoll (
Sound and color grading: Daniel Grinvalds

Featuring: Simon Blair, Pete Wyllie, Giovanni Trambaiolo, Lee Jackson, Pierre Gourlet, Mic Rofe, Ed Giles, Emma Cooper, Adam Darragh, Dave Baker, Dave Lang, Felix Evans, Matteo Sanna, Matthew Chelly & Sima Mdb.


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