Arnaud Petit – Trad Climb Resurgence in Céüse

arnaud petit

Arnaud Petit va obrir els ulls al món quan va escalar la mítica Black Bean,8b (video al final)  a Céüse utilitzant únicament proteccions flotants. Passats 3 anys de l’ascenció, Arnaud segueix escalant vies en tradicional a les impressionants parets de Céüse, en aquest video podrem veure a Arnaud i un escalador Americà Mikey Scheafer escalant un 7c+. Arnaud Petit està liderant un reneixament de l’escalada tradicional a Céüse.Ep2

Arnaud Petit abrió los ojos al mundo cuando escaló la mítica via Black Bean,8b (video al final) en Céüse utilizando únicamente protecciones flotantes. Pasados 3 años de su ascensión, Aranaud sigue escalando vies en tradicional en las impresionantes paredes de Céüse, en este video podremos verlo junto a un americano Mikey Scheafer escalando un 7c+. Arnaud Petit esta liderando un renacimiento de la escalada tradicional en Céüse.Ep2

When he climbed the classic Céüse route ‘Black Bean’ 8b, (2ndvideo) using only traditional protection, Arnaud Petit opened the world’s eyes to the potential for trad climbing at this renowned sport crag. Three years on from that game-changing ascent, Arnaud is still leading the charge to attempt Céüse’s climbs on trad gear. In this video, Arnaud succeeds in recruiting US climber Mikey Schaefer to his cause, sending him up a tough but well-protected 7c+. Take a look at the video to see Mikey pushing himself above gear on the same wall that houses some of the planet’s most renowned bolted lines. Arnaud Petit Is Leading A Trad Climbing Resurgence In Céüse.Ep2



Black Bean Video:



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