Video: Paige Claassen in Ecuador

caige _ecuador

L’últim video de la sèrie Lead Now Tour, destinat a recaudar fons per ajudar a les comunitats amb risc i protegir el planeta ens presenta Ecuador, un paradís per a l’escalada. Paige Claassen junt amb escaladors locals ens mostren diferents escenaris, zones d’escalada i la manera de viure d’alguns locals.

Ecuador marks stop #8 of Marmot’s Lead Now Tour (, a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing and raise $10,000 a month for eleven different non-profit organizations.

While in Ecuador, the Lead Now team travels throughout the country, exploring volcanoes, crater lakes, local cuisine, and new projects along the way. Amidst rolling hills, low fog, and the hum of alpacas, the land feels a bit like the setting of a fairytale. Watch Paige Claassen make the first ascent of Middle Earth (5.13d/8b) at 13,000 feet in Cajas National Park.

The Lead Now team climbs in Ecuador to support Heifer (, whose mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth by helping local farmers develop sustainable agricultural practices. To support Lead Now’s $10,000 fundraising goal for Heifer, visit

Produced by:
Louder Than Eleven (

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