Nalle Hukkataival, Gioia 8c+!

Nalle on Gioia 8c+

Desprès de 10 dies de treball, Nalle Hukkataival realitza la 3ª ascenció a  “Gioia” el bloc de Christian Core a Varazze , Italia. El bloc, inicialment proposat com a 8c va ser revisat desprès de la segona ascenció de Adam Ondra que el va proposar com a 8c+. Serà doncs interessant coneixer l’opinió de Nalle respecte a la cotació del bloc, un dels més difícils del món.

Nalle Hukkataival has done the third ascent of Christian Core’s Gioia 8C in Varazze from 2008 which later Adam Ondra has suggested 8C+ for in 2011. If Nalle also goes for 8C+ it will be the hardest repeated boulder in the world. Core has said it might be 8C+ as some guys have speculated but he did choose to put a hard grade in order to avoid the risk of down grading. 

Nalle has been of the leading boulderer in the world for ten years and in 2007 he was #2 in the European Championship. Since 2009, he has not done any WC’s but set up several Amazing FAs up to 8C. 
Facebook: “Just climbed Gioia!! Finally got a weather window and made it count! BOOOM!! Screen grab: Scott Noy



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