Algunes de les millors escaladores del món posant en una caravana per un calendari que donarà els seus beneficis a obres benefiques. Una iniciativa de CAC, Climbers Against Cancer. Doneu suport i disfruteu d’aquestes belleses…això si que dona motivació al costat del campus board! 😉

El calendari està disponible a la web de CAC al preu de £20 a UK i £25 a la resta del món.

Some of the world’s best female climbers got their kit off for charity in a raunchy caravan shoot.

Athletes from the UK, USA, Germany, Austria, France and Japan, all strike their best poses in bikinis, denim shorts and country checked shirts for Climbers Against Cancer (CAC).

The photos were taken in five time national champion climber Alex Johnson’s run-down silver trailer in Boulder Colorado, US, to raise money for the charity, which was established in January.

Devised by Shauna Coxsey who poses as Miss October, the 12 months feature Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Leah Crane from the UK.

The final image, December, brings all the girls together wearing the charity’s t-shirts.

Shauna said: “As a trustee of Climbers Against Cancer I wanted to do something different, fun and light hearted for the cause and this seemed perfect.

“A calendar full of climbing photos would draw some attention but people see us climbing all of the time so it wouldn’t be different or unique.”

First established by Lancashire based climber John Ellison, who was diagnosed with advanced cancer in 2011, the charity has brought the world’s climbing community together in support of his cause.

John added: “CAC has been a roller coaster ride for me from the day I dreamed it up on discovering I had advanced cancer.

“This calendar will be a huge help with both of these missions.”

The calendars are available from the Climbers Against Cancer website for £20 in the UK and £25 everywhere else.

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